This is the 25 foot high, 6 foot wide video waterfall that I created on behalf of VideoSonic Systems for the Cooper– Hewitt National Design Museum, which is the New York branch of the Smithsonian Institution. The footage was a 30–second video loop of Niagara Falls, filmed by Thomas Edison himself in 1898 with one of his original hand-cranked cameras. The clip was provided by the Library of Congress archives.

Demo: Video Waterfall at the Cooper-Hewitt

I found and resuscitated a Flash demo I made some thirteen years ago, when I worked for Videosonic, regarding one of the most daredevil art projects I’ve ever been involved with. A 25 foot high video wall, projecting footage shot by Thomas Edison himself, with a hand cranked camera. The video had to be split between four projectors, shooting at insane angles, installed in a historically protected landmark building. We couldn’t just start drilling. The screen ran from the second floor, through the staircase and down to the first floor. My job: make it work. Miraculously, it did! Here’s how.