This is the landing page for my various work-for-hire project demos showcased here. I’ve done over 500 projects since 1990, in every role you can imagine, encompassing every media platform, in every major business sector.

I’m not kidding.

Roles: Producer/director, UX/graphic designer, writer/editor, actor/presenter, filmmaker/animator, musician/composer, software developer/application designer/information architect, subject matter expert/researcher/archivist/historian.

Platforms: Analog, digital, mobile, web, video, audio, CD-ROM, DVD, broadcast, touchscreens, point-of-sale kiosks, interactive TV, 360 degree video, virtual reality (VR/AR/XR), digital signage, and experiential events.

Sectors: Arts and entertainment, education, non-profit, publishing, advertising, financial services, pharma, retail, and software.

Everything – from giant 3-D flaming robots, to white Helvetica text on a blue background with a left and right button.

I started in 1987 on a Leading Edge PC with two 360k floppy drives, running DOS 3.0. Today, I’m on an iMac Pro and an Acer Predator Laptop, with two Virtual Reality authoring systems. Everything between those two poles – that’s my track record. I worked on the first commercial CD-ROM, the first independent CD- ROM, the first interactive music site on the Internet, the first commercial DVD-ROM, the first commercial interactive television application, and the first website to be nominated for an Emmy Award.

The thing is – it’s not any one thing out of all this that’s important, it’s the sum total of this experience and body of work, and the way the patterns and connections between all of it have cogitated and cross-pollinated in my mind over the last sixty years. That’s where my point of view comes from. It’s like I’m some sort of amalgamation of Professor Falken from WARGAMES, Mr. Wolf from PULP FICTION, Gomez from The Addams Family, Brian Eno and Keith Moon.

This is why I have such a hard time coming up with an “elevator pitch.” That IS my elevator pitch!

I’m not for everybody, admittedly. I can’t be the Tri-State Regional Sales Manager for Goodyear Tires. I just can’t. But for the people I AM for, I’m sui generis. There’s a reason why I have more than two dozen recommendations on LinkedIn. That’s more than I could realistically fake. If you’re still with me, and want to see more, well then…