Killing Joke – Money is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) – VR art by Frank Coleman

A music video made entirely in virtual reality with MicrodoseVR, for my friends, the mighty Killing Joke.

The MicrodoseVR experience is a bit like a mashup of VR Paintball and the iTunes Visualizer. I’m painting in mid-air, and the graphics bounce to the music in real time. I’m firing with my trigger fingers and changing brushes with a second trigger located near my middle fingers, and I can “fly” through it all with a joystick by my thumbs. The lingering paint objects bounce to the music in real time.

The video you see here is essentially looking through a porthole attached to my forehead. In “real life,” the graphics are swirling all around me in 3-D and 360 degrees. When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a symphony orchestra conductor. Here I am conducting a symphony of color and light.

A metaphysical middle finger to the prevailing conditions. A statement of purpose for the times ahead: Money is Not Our God.

Killing Joke - Money is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) - VR by Frank Coleman
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Frank Coleman: Drummer/Arranger/Producer. Actor/Writer. Video/VR Artist. Multimedia OG/SME. ASCAP/AEA. Part-Time Amateur Neurosurgeon.