Music: Expanded Radio – The WZBC Sessions (Frank Coleman and Andrew Woolf)

A live broadcast circa 1993, wherein WZBC DJ Andrew Woolf and I converted the station into a musical instrument. Andrew was in the main control booth, playing multiple CDs simultaneously, and taking phone calls live on the air. I was in the next room with my Mac, carpet bombing the soundscape with various samples and loops. At first, it was chaos, but we quickly got into a groove. We couldn’t see each other, but we could hear, and it became a real-time collaborative sound collage. To my mind, one of the most “pure” avant-garde projects I ever did. There were some breakthrough moments where we were creating soundtracks to movies that could never exist in the real world.

Track 7 was “Psilocybe Semianceata” by Astralasia, which has been removed by Soundcloud’s music police, but can be found on Spotify here.