Killing Joke – Money is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) – VR art by Frank Coleman

A music video made entirely in virtual reality with MicrodoseVR, for my friends, the mighty Killing Joke.

The MicrodoseVR experience is a bit like a mashup of VR Paintball and the iTunes Visualizer. I’m painting in mid-air, and the graphics bounce to the music in real time. I’m firing with my trigger fingers and changing brushes with a second trigger located near my middle fingers, and I can “fly” through it all with a joystick by my thumbs. The lingering paint objects bounce to the music in real time.

The video you see here is essentially looking through a porthole attached to my forehead. In “real life,” the graphics are swirling all around me in 3-D and 360 degrees. When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a symphony orchestra conductor. Here I am conducting a symphony of color and light.

A metaphysical middle finger to the prevailing conditions. A statement of purpose for the times ahead: Money is Not Our God.


Frank Coleman – Jackson Pollock in VR (Music Video)

Variations on Jackson Pollock's "Summertime 9a" in VR (Music Video)

I took the largest print I could find of Jackson Pollock’s “Summertime 9a,” broke it out by color spectrum in Photoshop, exported the pieces as separate PNGs with transparent backgrounds, imported those into a virtual reality environment (Tilt Brush), built a “room” out of the pieces in 360 space, then did a fly-thru, in one unbroken five minute take, using Tilt Brush’s handheld virtual camera, which saves it out as standard 720p video. So it’s “shot on location” inside VR.

The music came from an undeveloped song idea I wrote for Satellite Paradiso a few years ago. Everything you hear is me, multi-tracked, all from one keyboard.